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Working closely with the teams from RKCR/Y&R, Tag and Hungryman, The Mill has helped created this stunning spot for the new Range Rover Sport, entitled 'Accelerator'.

This sophisticated 30 second commercial shows how the Range Rover Sport was born - from an incredible collision of particles inside a high energy collider.

"We embarked on a great journey taking us through a number of stages of development, from pre-production, production to post that resulted in the finished film," explains our VFX Producer Chris Batten.  "Firstly, our Art Director Jimmy Kiddell along with concept artist Mel Climent worked up a large volume of concept and design work. These designs and references enabled all involved to get an insight into what the car formation and collider environment was to look like and therefore understand how the Range Rover Sport was going to be formed. Once the blueprints of the project were decided on, Jimmy and our Nuke and CG lead Juan Brockhaus along with the rest of the 3D artists and matte painters began the careful process of creating the Range Rover Sport from the highly-charged particles."

"The breaking up and reforming of the different car parts was a very creative and technical challenge," adds Juan Brockhaus, who was both one of the Lead 2D and Lead 3D artists on the job. "We used Softimage ICE to build the car and matte paintings were created for many of the background shots."

"To give the spot its organic feel, a lot of live action elements were shot such as exploding things, melting things, burning wirewool, smoke blasts, fireworks and so on.  These were then used in the compositing and also to drive the creation of some of the CG elements.  Live action plates were incorporated into almost every shot, which, with the exception of the first shot and the explosion, were then composited by our Nuke team."

Finally, Colourist James Bamford gave the spot a final electrifying grade to complete the look.



  • Agency: RKCR/Y&R / Tag
  • Producer: Michael De Vries
  • Creative Director: Brian Fraser
  • Creatives: Adrian Lim, Steve Williams
  • Client: Land Rover


  • Production Company: Hungryman
  • Executive Producer: Matt Buels
  • Producer: Martin Box


  • Editing Company: Work Post
  • Editor: Ben Jordon

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • VFX Producer: Chris Batten
  • 2D Lead Artists: Juan Brockhaus (Nuke), Pete Hodsman (Nuke), Richard de Carteret (Flame)
  • 3D Lead Artists: Alex Hammond, Mel Tonkin, Juan Brockhaus
  • 2D Artists: Jimmy Kiddel & Mel Tonkin (Concept Artists), Jola Kudela, Javier Cid, Ben Smith, Joe Tang
  • 3D Artists: Ed Shires, Jules Janaud, Amman Akram, Richard Thomas, Patrick Krafft, Sauce Vilas, Julian Legay, Ruben, Ian Baxter, Dan Moore, Iker De Los Mozos, Adrian Russell
  • Colourist: James Bamford
  • Concept Artists: Jimmy Kiddell, Mel Climent
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