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The Fields



Take a look at direct Duncan Guymer's short film 'The Fields'

Written and directed by Duncan Guymer and produced by Spencer Friend, The Fields is a Sci-Fi Thriller about a subterranean population who believe in a divinely ordained balancing act, in which God infects the most intelligent people with a fungal disease. The underground community then outcasts these individuals to 'The Fields', where their disease takes effect and they seemingly become part of the forest. With his partner Grace also infected, James secretly accompanies her to 'The Fields.' Having gained entry, James somehow ascends to the real world. Once there, he soon learns the dark truth and his true purpose above ground is revealed. To lead a revolution.

Lead 2D artist Hugo Guerra worked with the students from Campusi12 as well as The Mill's own Nuke artists to provide some thrilling VFX for this great piece. Mill producer Luke Colson comments, "We took care of every part of the VFX and the post-production process. From grading through to all the roto and comping, and of course the CG elements which include the dissolving man and the epic view from the roof at the end of the film. There are also a number of hidden effects, such as enhancements on gun fire and set extensions."



  • Production Company: Joyrider Films
  • Director: Duncan Guymer
  • Producer: Spencer Friend

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Luke Colson
  • Shoot Supervisor: Pete Hodsman
  • 2D Lead Artists: Hugo Guerra, Leonardo Costa and Gianluca Di Marco
  • 3D Lead Artists: Oliver Harris
  • 2D Artists: Cameron Smither, Kirti Dave, Georgie Ford, Greg Howe-Davies, Martin Karlsson, Alasdair McNeill, Robert Granger, Sebastian Loven, Simon Richardson, Zissis Papatzikis, Christian Block, Eleanor Risdon.
  • Colourist: Luke Morrison
  • VFX Supervisor: Hugo Guerra
    Campus i12:
    VFX producer: Sofia Delis
    Compositing Supervisor: Andreas Cronström
    3D supervisors: Oskar Wahlberg & Ulf Lundgren
    3D Compositing and Roto: Campus i12 students 2012.

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Duncan Guymer

Production Company:

Joyrider Films

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