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Mill+ Director Carl Addy directs this eclectic debut music video ‘Wheel’ for the London based duo We Are Shining as a way to visually articulate the band’s mesmerising sound

Working closely with We Are Shining, the Mill+ team visually represent the band's influences and inspirations in this video through a montage of stills and video material derived from multiple sources made into hundreds of gif sequences.
The psychedelic video tells the story of a primitive man who stumbles upon modern tribalism; fashion, music, sex, booze. As he tries to escape this world he encounters a temptress who breaks his resolve. The film then breaks down into a larger global party where everyone is dancing along to the end of the world, everything descends into a chaotic orgy of destruction leaving the tribal man broke, yet enlightened, and so the wheel continues.
This story is told using Tumblr as a platform, which involved Mill+ editing and intertwining the clusters of material around common themes such as tribalism, consumerism, destruction, sexuality and modern symbolism. The task was then to restyle these into the band's aesthetic and fit them into a cohesive narrative.
Director Carl explains, "our inspiration behind this promo was the idea of modern tribalism, using visuals in the same way that the band appropriates audio samples. We wanted to make a Tumblr as a video to show their influences andinspirations yet with a cleverly weaved narrative. I'm incredibly proud of the final film that we have created and working with We Are Shining has been anexcellent creative adventure."
Executive Producer Luke Colson comments, "this project really ticked all of the boxes; the band are awesome, the creative challenge was crazy (in a good way!) and Carl's vision coupled with the band's constant drive to push things even further each day was incredible. The final film is something really special as is the story that goes with it and the evolution of the idea."



  • Design & Animation Studio: Mill+
    Director: Carl Addy
    Executive Producer: Luke Colson
    Illustration: Carl Addy, Simon Landrein
    Design: Carl Addy, Alexandra Pelham
    AFX: Matt Whitewood, Kwok Lam, Markus Nogueira Rosen


  • Editing Company: The Mill
  • Editor: Will Barnett

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • 2D Artists: Bob Granger
  • Colourist: Houmam Abdallah

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