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Caution: Snow Storm Ahead

"Snowglobe" is a collaboration between The Mill and Energy BBDO for Wrigley's 5 Gum. This icy spot visualizes the sensation of the new 5 Ascent Gum, which intensifies as it is chewed. The spot culminates in a massive amount of CG snow and ice roiling intensely around a victorian, larger than life snow globe.

The Mill team examined large snow globes to research how the miniature, fake snow encased world would actually appear through warped glass. To create the whirlwind effect, the fans come on and the CG flurries begin; details of dust and snow were added to the vegetation and frozen tree explosions were created. The 2D team gradually built up the snow environment to blizzard like conditions where everything freezes, creating the snow globe effect.

2D lead Gavin Wellsman adds "When you shake a snow globe, you get a glittery pearlescent feel to the snow. For the last couple of shots, it was key to match what the snow globe snow would look like, paying close attention to creating the distortion through the thick glass. We decided on a victorian look, and extended the greenhouse set to build the perfect backdrop for the frosty snowstorm."

Wrigley's 5 Gum spots are known for their striking visuals, and The Mill's color team wanted to produce a grade that heightened the intensity of the narrative.Luke Morrison color lead said "We created a filmic look by slightly rolling off the contrast throughout the spot. Adding to the mysterious feel, we darkened and desaturated, bringing in subtle blue and green hues to the shadows."

Boom. Bang. Pow. The thermometer drops, the intensity builds. And that's how you chew 5 Gum.

Watch the world come to life in a side-by-side video comparison.



  • Agency: Energy BBDO
  • Producer: Liliana Vega
  • Chief Creative Officer: Dan Fietsam
    SVP Group Creative Director: Rick Hamann
    Creative Director: Isabela Ferreira
    Creative Director: John Fiebke
    SVP Group Account Director: Lianne Sinclair
    Account Supervisor: Jamie Defer
    EVP, Head of Integrated Production: Rowley Samuel
    VP Executive Producer: John Pratt


  • Production Company: The Corner Shop
  • Record Company: Stimmung
  • Director: Peter Thwaites
  • Executive Producer: Anna Hashmi


  • Editing Company: Beast Chicago
  • Editor: Angelo Valencia

Post-Production / VFX

  • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
  • Executive Producer: Boo Wong
  • VFX Producer: Orlaith Finucane
  • Shoot Supervisor: Andres Eguiguren
  • 2D Lead Artists: Gavin Wellsman
  • 3D Lead Artists: Olivier Mitonneau
  • 2D Artists: Margolit Steiner, John McIntosh
  • 3D Artists: Dave Barosin, Raymond Leung, Tim Kim, Paul Liaw, Justin Diamond
  • Matte Painting: Antoine Birot
  • Colourist: Luke Morrison
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