Ashley Woods is a distinguished colourist with a career spanning over a decade in color and post production. With a keen eye for detail, she is dedicated to transforming raw footage into visually captivating masterpieces through the art of color grading. 

Ashley grew up on Long Island and studied film and art history at Northwestern University. She started working at The Mill’s New York office as a runner in 2011 and became a color assistant in 2014. She went on to grade at Nice Shoes, post manage for Wired and GQ at Condé Nast, and freelance grade for clients including CNN, Warner Music Group, and Amazon, before returning to The Mill in 2021. Ashley is an invaluable member of our team who believes in harnessing the power of interdepartmental communication for success. 

Her credits include Academy Award nominated documentary St. Louis Superman, SXSW documentary winner These C*cksucking Tears, and the multi-award winning documentary JessZilla. Among her recent projects, Ashley has derived immense satisfaction from her involvement in Google’s Best Phones Forever campaign, the captivating Hartford Ability Equipped series, and the beautiful Cosmopolitan Hotel Beacon project. With a strong passion for her craft, Ashley continues to shape visual narratives in the industry.