Chris Bernier joined MPC/The Mill in 2013 and remains a top talent in the VFX space as a VFX Supervisor to the team. Since joining, he has led his VFX team on notable spots for MPC, including Kohl’s “Give a little more”, Mercedes’ Super Bowl spot “Fable” and “Shattered”, Kay Jewelers’ “Penguins” and Semi-Permanent’s opening titles.

He has worked alongside many credible directors such as Robert Stromberg, Lance Acord, Peter Berg, Wally Pfister, TWIN, and Markus Walter, and worked on projects for global brands including Michelob, Coca-Cola, Gillette, Nike and EA Games.

Chris’ work has garnered a variety of awards in visual effects, including a silver Clio, silver in AEFA commercial animation, a bronze Ciclope and shortlist nomination for Best Animation at the LIA awards.