Christian Nielsen is a Creative Director at The Mill’s Los Angeles studio.

While studying Multimedia in the late 90s, Christian began studying CG and intensively taught himself the craft, and eventually secured his first position at a studio in Copenhagen. After 10 years of working in Copenhagen, Christian made his way to New York where he worked as a VFX Supervisor and then the Head of CG. After an eight-year run at The Mill New York, Christian moved out west to Los Angeles to join Framestore as the Head of CG/VFX Supervisor. Christian rejoined The Mill in early 2023, this time in the LA studio as a Creative Director.

Throughout his extensive career, Christian has collaborated with an impressive lineup of directors including Adam Berg, Peter Berg, Andreas Nilsson, Brian Beletic, Wayne Mcclammy, Jim Jenkins and more. Additionally, Christian has brought his expertise to a range of projects from Super Bowl commercials, video game trailers and film.

Christian is known for taking an active role in reviewing and improving every scene that he and his team are working on, ensuring every shot is up to the highest of standards. Additionally, he has dedicated a great deal of time exploring how AI and Machine Learning can be incorporated into our projects as he finds this aspect of the industry to be incredibly intriguing.