The Mill’s Senior Colourist, Daniel de Vue is one of the most sought-after colourists in the world.  His distinctive, award-winning work has garnered international recognition and a roster of high profile clients.  Having previously worked for renowned studios BaconX, Glassworks and Primary, Daniel has officially landed at The Mill, joining a global team of artists with the goal of bringing the very highest level of creative excellence.

Daniel’s frequent collaborators include some of the most influential filmmakers in the world, including prominent directors Lance Acord, Cole Webley, Georgia Hudson and Andreas Nilsson.  He has contributed his vision to Global Brand campaigns for Nike, Budweiser, Toyota, Jeep, IKEA and Microsoft.

Daniel has always had a passion for filmmaking – starting his career as an assistant editor on feature films which helped pull into focus the importance of atmosphere and light in a moving picture.  Over the years this has evolved into a keen eye for subtlety and expression that is sought after by many in the industry.