Before stepping into the role of a director, David Lawson worked closely with some of the industry’s finest commercial directors, gaining invaluable insights into various storytelling styles.

Now an integral part of The Mill, one of the world’s premier content creation studios, Lawson utilizes his visionary approach across a multitude of creative disciplines. His knack for crafting innovative narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide has earned him a formidable reputation in the industry.

As a live-action director, Lawson has showcased his talent in numerous campaigns for Zwift, featuring some of the world’s top cyclists. These captivating visuals, broadcast globally during the Tour de France, speak to his skill and versatility. Recent projects include a successful collaboration with retail giant Walmart and the exhibition of his short film at several international film festivals.

In the gaming trailer sphere, Lawson has made a significant impact. He directed the launch trailer for Apex Legends and 9 more season launch trailers, contributing to its rise as one of the fastest-growing and most popular games worldwide.. Furthermore, his work with renowned franchises such as Marvel, Final Fantasy, Valorant, and collaborations with major gaming companies like Electronic Arts, Epic and Riot Games showcase his prominence in the industry. His work across these IP’s has garnered hundreds of millions of views.