As an animation director, for me, the obsession lies in bringing the spark of life to any story.

The way I bring animated characters to life, reflects my understanding of human emotions and my keen observation of the intricacies of personality.

I have been in this incredible industry for over 25 years. I studied film back in Argentina after having spent my childhood making animation shorts whenever I could, and have since worked in some of the most prestigious animation and VFX studios around the world. My work covers a wide range of exciting projects, from stylised animation to photorealistic creatures, and has been recognised internationally having been awarded five VES awards for Best Character Animation, and named YouTube’s most viewed commercial in the UK, among others.

I started off with the good old traditional animation (the one with cells, you know!), but then I swiftly hopped over to the 3D animation scene. Honestly, I’m all about animation in any shape or form, but after spending a good while working in VFX companies like The Mill, I found my true calling in bringing photorealistic creatures to life. It’s safe to say that’s become my strong suit.

I absolutely adore infusing personality into every character in my stories through their actions and movements.