Logan Highlen is an exceptional Colorist renowned for infusing each project with a distinctive creative flair and unwavering attention to detail.

Logan embarked on an enriching journey at The Mill back in 2016. Contributing to a multitude of prestigious color and VFX undertakings, including the highly acclaimed ‘Famous Cars’ for Walmart, the beloved ‘LiMu Emu’ campaign for Liberty Mutual, and the electrifying ‘Woman’s World Cup’ 2019 spot for Nike.

Throughout his illustrious career, Logan has collaborated with a plethora of notable brands, including BMW, Disney, Expedia, Planet Fitness, Meta and Lays.

More recent contributions to his color portfolio include noteworthy projects such as ‘American Crime Story: Impeachment,’ the visually captivating album film ‘Ghetto Gods Presents’ by hip hop duo EARTHGANG, and the independent feature film ‘Only The Good Survive.’