Logan Highlen is a Colourist at The Mill’s Los Angeles studio. With six years of experience honing his craft as a Colour Assistant in the LA studio, he has had his hand in a diverse range of work, resulting in a unique flair and perspective that he brings to each and every project.

Logan’s portfolio includes grades for the teaser trailer for ‘American Crime Story: Impeachment,’ hip hop duo EARTHGANG’s ‘Ghetto Gods Presents’ album film, and Walmart’s fan-favorite ‘Famous Cars.’ Logan brings his cultivated eye to different genres and mediums.

Logan’s experience in filmmaking goes back to his teenage years, when he practiced cinematography and editing while studying film in college. His filmmaking interests were naturally piqued when colour grading software became more accessible and he became his peers’ go-to for their thesis film grades.

Logan thrives in the collaborative process, working directly with the director, cinematographer, or agency to discuss what they’d like to achieve through colour. Seen throughout his breadth of work is a balance of vibrancy, while maintaining a natural look.