Michael is a Director and a Creative Director at The Mill/MPC’s LA studio, with exemplary aesthetic sensibility, expertise on leading teams through large-scale projects, and long-standing relationships with top directors.

His impressive portfolio of work includes some of the industry’s most acclaimed commercials, including the double Cannes Gold Lion winning and triple VES winning Samsung ‘Do What You Can’t’ spot directed by Matthijs Van Heijningen.

Michael’s directing credits for Arm & Hammer’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ campaign took home top recognition at the VES Awards, highlighting the team’s first-class creature work for “Best Animated Character”.

Additionally, his work for Channel 4’s ‘Meet the Superhumans’ directed by Tom Tagholm took home the Cannes Grand Prix for Film Craft. His work includes BMW ‘Legend’ directed by Dante Ariola, and several spots directed by Patrick Daughters including Honda ‘Fight Mehdiocrity’ and Chobani ‘Wonderful World of Less’. Throughout his career, Michael has regularly collaborated with high profile directors including, Traktor, Dante Ariola, Rupert Sanders, Patrick Daughter and Mark Romanek.