Philip is a highly distinguished colourist with a sharp eye for detail, creative flair, a fervent love of photographic imagery and the technical prowess to match! Constantly striving to push boundaries and challenge the norm, Philip has lent his touch to the works of some of the industry’s most celebrated Directors (including Floria Sigismondi, Mathijs Van Heijningen, Paul W. S. Anderson, Hisashi Eto, David Wilson and Miles Aldridge) as well as Cinematographers (including Darius Khondji, Fabian Wagner And Monika Lenczewska).

Philip has assembled a stunning collection of work during his time at The Mill/MPC, working for global brands that include Nike, Glenmorangie, Martini, Samsung, BMW, Lexus, Facebook and Google.

Philip’s work has regularly been recognised for its excellence, with Best Colour Nominations at the 2022 British Arrows, Ciclope and Kinsale. Philip collected a Silver Arrow in 2019 for his work on Billy Boyd-Cape’s Pride ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and a highly sought-after D&AD Wooden Pencil in 2021 for his Stunning grade on Mile’s Aldridges’ Glenmorangie ‘It’s Kind of Delicious & Wonderful’ film.

As a testament to Philip’s accomplishments and expertise, he was selected as a Film Craft Juror at the 2020/2021 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

Instagram: @philiplouishambi