Sina is a multi-disciplinary Creative Director at The Mill/MPC New York. His background in animation paved the path that would eventually lead him to creative work in design, film and photography. He has 15 years of experience working with clients from independent record labels to multinational agencies, as well as artistic commissions and global brand launches.

His experience as a freelance artist exposed him to a variety of creative environments where he not only honed his ability to develop an idea into fruition but was also pushed to do it in the most efficient and effective manner, as part of a collaborative unit. His portfolio includes working with notable agencies such as Huge, Johannes Leonardo, Widen + Kennedy, and Havas to name a few and he has collaborated on memorable projects for Amazon, Instagram, Canon, and Nissan.

His vast knowledge across a variety of mediums including film, animation, and vfx allows him to be wildly curious and flexible during concept development and production, which makes his work incredibly distinct. His intuitive and detailed approach to creative development heavily focuses on composition and unique visual concepts exhibiting purpose and emotion.

Sina brings his enthusiasm and passion for the artistic process to each new project and as the newly appointed Creative Director of Design, he harnesses this energy to empower his team.