Vadim Turchin is an award-winning Creative Director and VFX Supervisor based out of The Mill’s New York studio.

Vadim started his career as a graduate of the Vancouver Film School with a degree in Character Animation.  Over the years, his interests led him to the position of a Generalist; being involved in nearly every aspect of CG Production, which then naturally progressed to CG Supervisor. As time passed, Vadim’s interests grew more towards storytelling, moving in the direction of On-Set and VFX Supervision, allowing him to guide the project on a broader scale. With a passion for storytelling and cinematography, Vadim gravitates towards jobs with rich narrative components.

With extensive experience in animation, commercials and long form, Vadim’s range of work in film and episodic boasts an impressive list of prestigious projects including Apple TV+’s ‘Severance’, Warner Bros. Pictures ‘In the Heights’, Netflix’s ‘The Pale Blue Eye’ and many more.

Throughout his career, Vadim has collaborated a growing list with top-tier brands including Nike, Toyota, Mercedes, GMC, HP,and IBM to name a few.