Emmy nominated editor, Victor Jory, is the Head of Editorial at The Mill Los Angeles.

With over 19 years of editorial experience, Victor pairs his technical expertise with a lifelong appreciation for the creative arts. In his 10 years at The Mill, Victor’s leadership has helped shape the development of the company’s concept-to-delivery arm, where he spearheaded the growth of Editorial from the ground up. His talents have contributed to an expansive portfolio of work with notable brands including Marvel, Audi, Google, Nike, Samsung, Call of Duty and many others.

Among clients and colleagues alike, Victor is known for his intrinsic creative vision and commitment to narrative, working collaboratively to maintain the art of storytelling at the forefront of every piece.

Born and raised in Louisville Kentucky, Victor is part of the third generation of creatives in his family. His grandfather and namesake, Victor Jory, acted in over 130 films such as ‘Gone With The Wind,’ ‘The Miracle Worker,’ and ‘Papillon.’ His father, Jon Jory, a theatre director and playwright has produced over 2000 plays for the American stage.

Victor is proud to carry on his family’s creative tradition.