Aline Ridolfi is a storyteller who believes in unlocking the narrative’s full potential through innovation and multi-sensorial design.

As a Creative Director she has experimented with both traditional formats and emerging technologies, using them to augment stories, increase connection and elevate engagement. From translating live data into generative visuals to AR, VR, machine learning and physical installations, she works across a wide range of techniques to ensure the narrative is always represented at its best. She has created boundary pushing works for Google, IBM, Intel, Twitter, Facebook, Amex, Cartier, among others, and has had her work recognized in the form of awards and exhibitions.

Throughout the years she has been a journalist, a music producer and a filmmaker, and has an on-again/off-again relationship with her artist self. When on, she enjoys finding ways of generating poetic outcomes from interactions between bodies and machines. When off, she mentors artists (currently at New Inc.) and consults on new media and immersive storytelling.