Working directly with brands to create the extraordinary

We are Makers At Heart. As the creative engine room of the world’s biggest brands we have always been driven by one purpose: to solve our client’s toughest briefs beautifully.  

We work directly with brands as well as agencies and production companies across multiple media channels and creative technology platforms.

The market is changing (fast) and the services our clients need are evolving but creative technology sits at the heart of everything we do: ‘end to end’ production for film & video, CGI & animation, interactive design, virtual reality, brand experiences and more.

Our focus will always be the production of groundbreaking ideas. This is how we have built our reputation across the world. Our Makers believe in the power of cooperation and partnership to deliver ambitious ideas to break new ground and deliver awe-inspiring creative work.

As a brand marketer or product developer, You can collaborate with us at any stage of your creative process, from defining a brief or concept to high-end production and finishing. This is how we work:

We Listen

Our creative strategists are here to make sure your project has impact. The first step in our creative process is to fully understand what you are trying to achieve and the wider context of your project. We ask questions. Lots of questions.

Contact The Mill Creative Strategy team if you would like to work with us on your project.

We Define

Work with us to explore the full potential of your project brief.

Using insight and analysis, we collaborate with your team to fully define the creative brief. Where the scope of a project is less defined or open to exploration we can lead creative workshops to develop the best approach.

Contact The Mill Creative Strategy team to discuss your project.

We Design

We develop well researched and viable creative ideas: concepts, treatments, design development and prototyping. We also explore potential technology solutions and their application at this stage of the project.

Contact us if you have an idea that needs further creative development.

We Create

We build a team of the world’s best artists and specialist producers to bring the idea to life. We can work end to end on your project or provide specialist services across all media and creative technologies

Contact The Mill in London, New York, LA, Chicago or Berlin to discuss your project.

We Measure

We review the impact of your project and refine or adjust as necessary to optimise performance, ensuring you meet your original creative objectives.

Contact us in London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Berlin to discuss your project.

“Our team sits at the centre of every creative capability at The Mill. VFX, CGI, animation, design, digital development, virtual production, experience design and more. We work with loads of amazing brands but each one is different, and so are their audiences. To meet this challenge our team can plug into any part of The Mill’s global talent base, whatever’s required…Our job is to nail the client’s brief in a way that really elevates the brand and we never put a limit on that. The question is always — how do we use creativity to grab attention and cut through the Space Junk? How do we blow audiences away with an idea and execute it beautifully? The solution could be a beautifully directed video, or stunning motion design or an influencer-driven virtual event, all created at The Mill by our own artists and producers. We let the commercial challenge determine the approach and output.”

Rachel Stones, Head of Brand Partnerships on How we work directly with brands

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