10th Edition of ‘Conversations at The Mill’ in our Bangalore Studio

Ben Turner, Head of 2D at The Mill London, joins Rakesh Venugopalan
Community September 7, 2023

The 10th edition of Conversations at The Mill featured Ben Turner, who leads the 2D department at The Mill London. In a discussion led by Rakesh Venugopalan, Head of Creative Operations, Ben provided a deep dive into his impressive journey within the VFX industry. With a remarkable tenure of over 23 years at The Mill, Ben offered profound insights into his involvement in numerous projects throughout his career. 

In addition, Ben shared with the audience some of his on-set experiences from some of the most exciting commercials and films, and the experiences he has acquired from working on diverse advertisements at The Mill. Beyond recounting his experiences with these projects, Ben also offered valuable advice to aspiring artists about refining their skills and working on Roto and Prep for compositing.  

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