30 Years of The Mill | Colour Assist, Megan Lee

To celebrate ‘30 Years Of The Mill’ we are turning our focus to the extraordinary people behind our creativity. We asked a snapshot of 30 Makers from across The Mill to share their most inspiring projects from the past, alongside their future-facing insights on the advertising industry and evolution of creative technology. Next up, we have Colour Assist and former Mill runner, Megan Lee who discusses how HSBC 'The Lift' illustrated how important a grade is when conveying 'look and feel' and how she hopes that racial and gender disparities in the workplace will be truly addressed within the next ten years.
Community December 7, 2020

What piece of work inspired you to get into a career at The Mill & why?

The one ad that always sticks out in my mind is HSBC ‘Lift’. I was working in TechOps at the time and this one caught my eye, purely for the way Colourist, Mick Vincent’s rich and beautiful grade was used to enhance and tell a story. Each decade has its own look and feel and although the spot has only one location, you are engaged, fully immersed in the narrative and understand that time has passed.

What will be the most defining change in the creative industry over the next decade?

We as a creative industry are already going through a pivotal and defining moment in history. In the wake of the current BLM movement, we have finally begun to listen and address the racial and gender disparities across leadership roles in the workplace.

We are all aware of how the creative industries have been impacted by Covid, but despite the government’s advice, I believe it is important that we continue to be creative. Social distancing and lockdowns have led to a huge increase in digitalisation and as a leading VFX company, we can adapt and use this to our advantage through emerging technologies such as AR. Our mission now is to inspire, influence and spur innovation amongst the next generation and create more opportunities for BIPOC, so they have the right tools to succeed in the future.


Discover more about 30 Years of The Mill here. We would like to thank everyone who has been part of our history – our clients, our partners, our collaborators and our staff past and present. All of you have been central to making our first 30 years so extraordinary.

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Colour Assist | Megan Lee