30 Years of The Mill | Editor, Natalie Wozniak

To celebrate ‘30 Years Of The Mill’ we are turning our focus to the extraordinary people behind our creativity. We asked a snapshot of 30 Makers from across The Mill to share their most inspiring projects from the past, alongside their future-facing insights on the advertising industry and evolution of creative technology. Find out why Editor, Natalie Wozniak thinks that video-sharing platforms such as TikTok will change the industry over the next decade and how Apex Legends has truly pushed the boundaries of creativity.
Community December 8, 2020

What piece of Mill work do you believe pushed the boundaries of production creativity & why?

Over the past 2 years, The Mill has created around thirty-minutes worth of content for the Apex Legends world. We have definitely learned a LOT and have pushed our creative boundaries especially, in editorial. As storytelling problem solvers, we are present throughout the entire project – from the boardomatic phase and live-action mocap shoot all the way to the final animation. At The Mill, we all work under one roof allowing us to collaborate, make final edits and make the work the best it can be.

What will be the most defining change in the creative industry over the next decade?  

New video content platforms are definitely going to be the biggest change in the creative industry. Another game-changer will be seeing the tools we use professionally, becoming more readily available to anyone, anywhere. I’m officially hooked on TikTok and think it’s genius. It really proves that you don’t need two hours to tell an entertaining story, although nothing beats being immersed in a cinematic world. Seeing so many people being creative in their own way and using editing techniques I hadn’t even thought of is really inspiring and a good kick in the butt for me to keep things fresh and fun.


Discover more about 30 Years of The Mill here. We would like to thank everyone who has been part of our history – our clients, our partners, our collaborators and our staff past and present. All of you have been central to making our first 30 years so extraordinary.

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Editor | Natalie Wozniak