30 Years of The Mill | Junior Designer & Matte Painter, Eilis Scally

To celebrate ‘30 Years Of The Mill’ we are turning our focus to the extraordinary people behind our creativity. We asked a snapshot of 30 Makers from across The Mill to share their most inspiring projects from the past, alongside their future-facing insights on the advertising industry and evolution of creative technology. Next up, we have Junior Designer & Matte Painter, Eilis Scally who discusses her favourite pieces of Mill work and how she believes the Covid-19 pandemic will impact the industry.
Community December 1, 2020

What piece of Mill work do you see as the most pioneering & why?

There are so many. The first few productions that jump to my mind both used varied data sources to make unique artistic representations. Firstly, Lush ‘Spa Film‘, Directed by Mill Director Carl Addy or ‘Uproar’ Directed by Kinda Akash and William Arnold, which uses storm data and pays homage to the resilience of the people of Houston after Storm Harvey. I find the idea of helping the viewer appreciate things that otherwise might remain ‘unseen’ extremely exciting. The possibilities of applying these techniques are endless and I love how it links science and art together to create something emotive and never seen before.

What will be the most defining change in the creative industry over the next decade?

I think 2020 and the global pandemic will continue to develop massive societal, economic and environmental changes for everyone. Before the pandemic, we knew that audiences seek to experience a unique connection through the creative process and art. However, I believe the pandemic has required us to stop and reconsider the smaller details of life and the importance of the things we may have taken for granted before. Now we need creativity to provide more than just a unique experience; we need it to bring people together in a truly meaningful way and work with the obvious physical restrictions we now face.

Every aspect of the industry has been affected this year, I hope that the powers of digital creativity can continue to collaborate with other industries/experiences that may not be able to weather this storm so well. The Mill and HBO’s VR event ‘Lovecraft County: Sanctum’ is an inspiring example of how this can be done.

I am rather new to The Mill, I started as an intern in February this year and completed my first Matte Painting and concept project during the lockdown. I feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by such a caring and supportive team (remotely or not) and highly motivated to be with a company that always works to push the boundaries of creativity and possibilities for new connections.


Discover more about 30 Years of The Mill here. We would like to thank everyone who has been part of our history – our clients, our partners, our collaborators and our staff past and present. All of you have been central to making our first 30 years so extraordinary.

You can follow Eilis on Instagram @eilistales.

Junior Designer & Matte Painter | Eilis Scally