30 Years of The Mill | Senior Content Producer, Tia Perkins

To celebrate ‘30 Years Of The Mill’ we are turning our focus to the extraordinary people behind our creativity. We asked a snapshot of 30 Makers from across The Mill to share their most inspiring projects from the past, alongside their future-facing insights on the advertising industry and evolution of creative technology. Read below to discover what Senior Content Producer, Tia Perkins had to say about the endless possibilities of real-time technology and her favourite piece of Mill work.
Community November 30, 2020

What piece of Mill work do you think pushed the boundaries of production creativity & why?

A piece of work that I was personally involved in that pushed the boundaries of production and creativity was the HPE ‘Tame the IT Monster’ project. Not only did we create mind-blowing visuals for the spot but we also brought the monster to life at a live conference. People were able to take control of the monster and animate him themselves through real-time animation.

Mill Director Jeffrey Dates is really spearheading these types of projects and is really at top of his game, making real-time animation totally possible right now. It’s incredible to feel like you were part of something that people are just picking up on now.  We also recently did a similar live animation for the Stephen Colbert Show and that was just an amazing experience. The set up and working with the Colbert show was great!


What will be the most defining change in the creative industry over the next decade?

It will be a combination of things, but I think we are definitely in a world where real-time animation is THE thing to do. There are so many possibilities – virtual stages, remote feeds and live online events with animated characters that you can interact with in real-time, that’s definitely where we are heading. ‘How do I talk to people online in their homes with my character or mascot for my brand?’ That’s the new wave, I would say.


Discover more about 30 Years of The Mill here. We would like to thank everyone who has been part of our history – our clients, our partners, our collaborators and our staff past and present. All of you have been central to making our first 30 years so extraordinary.

Senior Content Producer | Tia Perkins