60 Seconds with 2D Assist Alfie Vaughan on bringing festive vibes to Vodafone’s most recent spot

We caught up with 2D Assist Alfie Vaughan out of The Mill's London Studio to discuss how our VFX team brought the Christmas spirit to Vodafone's latest spot.
Thought November 8, 2021

What was the brief for this creative collaboration?

We had the challenge of combining a lot of different plates to seamlessly embed the reflections of all the people in Santa costumes as well as heavily embellishing a lot of the Christmas decorations in the high street to create something very visually festive.

What challenges did the team face on this project and how were they overcome?

There were a lot of elements to be added to some of the bigger shots and a lot of moving parts that had to come together to make it all work. We were fortunate enough to have a really strong core team of people as well as some extra hands for a few days when we needed it most. This allowed us to take the challenges in our stride and achieve a final result we are all really proud of. This project called for more traditional techniques rather than bleeding-edge workflows. A lot of the work we did was combining plates, tracking and paintwork. Real VFX bread and butter!

Throughout the project, we were consistently looking for ways to get more Christmas spirit into every frame. Tastefully adding lights and tinsel as well as swinging colours to a more Christmassy palette was one of our main focuses.

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Alfie Vaughan | 2D Assist