60 Seconds with AMT Youth Programme Interns Tomi Balogun & Bukunmi Oloyede

The AMT Youth programme supports young people aged 16-18 to gain experience, opportunities, and resources in the creative industries. The programme aims to illustrate the breadth of opportunity across the creative industries. It aims to give young creatives confidence and understanding, as well as introduce them to a network of (industry) professionals to help drive their talent and passion. We're honored to be apart of this wonderful initiative spearheaded by Alice Made This. Check out our interview with Tomi and Bukunmi below.
Community August 31, 2022

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Tomi: My name is Tomi, and I am a year 13 student currently studying A-Level Art, Product Design, Photography, and Economics at sixth form.


Bukunmi: My name is Bukunmi and I am going into Year 13 this September. I am currently studying Maths, Physics and Art. I am particularly interested in the interdisciplinary nature of Science and Technology and how those industries interact with Design. In the future, I would like to study Engineering at university. I hope to provide sustainable solutions to global problems from an artistic lens.

What areas of the industry are you most interested in exploring?

Tomi: I am going to be doing an Architecture degree at University and have an interest in making architecture more of an evocative and expressive art form.

Bukunmi: VFX and 2D design are most interesting to me because it bridges the gap between reality and digital art. I’ve been told by many people at the Mill that “you know you’ve done a good job when users can’t recognise the VFX”. Hence, I am really interested in seeing how VFX, Creative Direction and the other streams work together to produce a final film or commercial.

What are you most looking forward to about interning at The Mill?

Tomi: I look forward to learning about how to translate experiences to viewers through digital art at The Mill as I believe this is a universal language that is best used for communicating things that are not so effective when described in words.

Bukunmi: I am looking forward to learning about ‘Colour’ and ‘Experience’ within the Mill. As an aspiring engineer, I am really interested in the user experience and how different aspects of design can affect how people interact with a product or space. Similarly, I am hoping to develop my understanding of colour so I can become more confident in exploring different palettes in my own artwork.

What is currently inspiring you?

Tomi: Currently, I am inspired by considerate and emotive design to help communities and individuals become more in touch with the developing world.


Bukunmi: My inspiration stems from the expressionist movement and artists such as Louis Wain and Jenny Saville. Both artists are particularly intriguing to me for different reasons: Wain would draw cats with eccentric and neon colours, whilst Saville presents the contortions of the human body and face with smooth overlapping textures. Despite both artists having different subject matters, they each present a different idea about human nature. Moreover, I enjoy making abstract art, so I enjoy looking at their work and engaging in the art from different movements by going to art exhibitions.

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