Looking back on this month’s Super Bowl LIV with The Mill’s ECD Chris Knight

Thought February 13, 2020

Tell us a bit about your role at The Mill and your experience of Super Bowl in your career so far?

I’m an ECD here at The Mill LA, meaning I keep a creative eye on many of the projects that come through our building. Super Bowl January has always been a busy time for us here. With this year being no different and probably one of the busiest. We have proudly been involved with some of the most successful, biggest and most creative spots since Mill LA opened 13 years ago.


What challenges did the teams face on this year’s Super Bowl projects?

As with past years; delivering such a high volume of great creative VFX work to the quality standard The Mill are known for, within a busy and tight time schedule.


What is the best part of being involved in Super Bowl jobs?

The camaraderie of everyone mucking in and getting the job done knowing that 100 million viewers will see our work!


Tell us about something from Super Bowl LIV that inspired you?

The passion and creative drive of Mill staff to achieve creative excellence in every project.


What are your predictions for next year?

More of the same high quality and creative work.