60 Seconds with Executive Producer of Emerging Technology, Aurelien Simon on Virtual Production

Meet Aurelien Simon, Executive Producer, Emerging Technology at The Mill in Los Angeles.
Thought July 2, 2020

How would you define Virtual Production?

As an industry, we’re still trying to fully define virtual production, it’s a really broad term and many people within the industry have a different definition of it. For me, it’s the replacement of some or all aspects of a physical production by virtual ones. Very often, these solutions are driven by real-time game engines to help with scouting, virtual backgrounds or props and much more.


What technological leaps have you seen in the Virtual Production field over recent years?

The concept has been known and discussed for many years. The recent boom in virtual production is really a convergence of technologies reaching maturity, both in terms of hardware and software. Real-time engines are the central piece of this recent progress but the evolution of virtual and augmented reality are also now offering a compelling toolkit for filmmakers.


How does Virtual Production enhance creativity? 

Virtual production is a true blessing for both creatives and producers. From location scouting to trying challenging camera moves, it offers flexibility and fast reactions for Directors. It’s a chance to experiment within the confines of a virtual environment and limit the financial risk.


What future developments do you think we’ll see in the virtual production world? 

The path seems really bright and clear for virtual production. We’re waiting on the next iteration of game engines, and I think we’ll keep benefitting from the constant progress in hardware and software. From GPU to SLAM improvements, we’re going to see tremendous progress over the coming years.


What top hardware and software is in your must-have toolkit? 

The one and only must-have is a good PC to run either Unity or Unreal Engine. There are’s pros and cons to both engines and both sides have people wildly passionate about “their” engine. In reality, it’s not about personal preferences, we just have to pick what’s right for the job.


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