60 Seconds with… Greg Spencer, Creative Director at Mill Berlin

Thought January 17, 2020

How long have you been at The Mill and what attracted you to move to Mill Berlin?

I have been at the Mill for about 11 years, with the odd break here and there. Starting out in Mill TV and Film in 2008 to scratch that long form work itch, then moving to the commercial arm in 2013.

I decided to move to Berlin because I thought it was a great opportunity to come into a new version of The Mill and really build something from the ground up. I like pushing myself so I also want to see how I translate to a new country and it’s also exciting to see if it influences the work I do, and if it goes in any exciting and cool new directions.

On top of all this, Berlin is one of my favorite cities in the world, and I am lucky enough to have a bunch of really good friends living here already. It was win, win, win!


What are you most excited about? 

All of the above, plus meeting cool new people to work with who I haven’t come across before. It’s basically our relationships that guide the work we end up doing and influence us. It is after all a collaborative industry. I look forward to new collaborations.  Also I kind of like taking that leap into the unknown. It’s nerve racking and inspiring at the same time. It’s a fun feeling

Tell us about something that’s inspiring you right now?

I always have and always will love all things 80s. Especially films. Low budget horrors and action films are always fun to watch. What I find surprising is how much these influence me when I have a VFX problem that needs solving. Sometimes referencing things that were made in the past really make you step back and reassess how we sometimes over egg the things we do today. Does it really need to be that complicated?

I love looking at this Instagram account when I am thinking. I really know nothing about it, or even how I came across it, but something about the imagery really clears my head.


I also constantly listen to an Iranian DJ and Producer called Kasra V when I work. His music sounds old/new/leftfield/pop/sad/fun and exciting all at the same time.  I find it inspiring how uncompromising he is. Check him out.


What’s the best project you’ve seen recently?

I have a couple of favorite projects from the last year.

Firstly Kim Gehrigs – Viva La Vulva, which is just such a mega creative piece of work that encompasses so many different styles and could have easily come out looking like a mess. However it is cohesive and so much fun.

The other one is Wayne McClammy’s – Famous Cars spot. Such a cool idea, so funny and slick as hell VFX to boot.

Want to get in touch with Greg? Contact helloberlin@themill.com.