60 Seconds with Josh Moore, New Business Producer at The Mill

Josh Moore is a New Business Producer at The Mill's London studio.
Thought July 2, 2020
Josh Moore the New Business Producer at The Mill

How long have you been working at The Mill and what is your role?

I have been working at The Mill for a little over five years now in a few different guises. I currently work in New Business for The Mill, and in particular work with our Design Studio, our Creative Technology team and our growing global roster of directors and creatives.


What does a working day look like for you?

Fortunately for me, they’re rarely the same. I spend a large portion of my time talking to the different people / agencies and brands we work with, and seeing how we can collaborate and create work together. Lots of the work that ‘passes my desk’, especially within technology, is always pushing the technical and creative boundaries. I’m very lucky to be working with a team who produce with some of the most exciting and cutting edge projects in the industry. I also spend my time looking at the work being created by our clients and peers – usually in admiration. But I always get a jealous pang; ‘I wish we made that!’


What is it like representing and showcasing talent at The Mill?

It’s like representing Baked Beans for Heinz, ha! I’m kidding, but it is a joy and an honor to be able to showcase and talk about the talent we have. I’m a ‘fan’ of The Mill, as well as an employee, so my enthusiasm for our work comes very naturally – and I do find my excitement, is often infectious for people who maybe aren’t as familiar with our work.


If you had to best describe The Mill to someone who had never heard of us by showing them only 4 projects, what would they be and why?

This is hard. Okay:


Nike | Write the Future

It’s a legendary ad, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. I remember watching this on television at home and being blown away then. A true Mill Classic.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light  

This is a 2020 selection – Ilya Abulkhanov, who is a rostered Mill director, worked with Bungie out of our LA studio. I might be biased, because I love Destiny – but the mood & aesthetic of the film is completely unique to other game trailers. It’s entirely CG and has some of the most incredible environments and sci-fi elements I’ve seen. It’s superb.

Tate Britain | Untold Stories

Untold Stories, encapsulates for me, much of the magic of AR. Being able to peel back the real world and have your own unique digital experience – with things as treasured as masterpiece artworks in the Tate. Learn about what you’re seeing, share your experiences with friends. This for me, ticks all the boxes of the kind of experience you want from AR.

Respawn | Apex Legends @ The Game Awards

Lastly – Apex Live. This project demonstrates some of the most exciting work in what we do. Being able to bring performance into the real world. Their environments become living, breathing worlds and the characters become real, talking people, that you can interact with. Real-time engines is my favourite part of the work we’re doing right now, and all the freedom, creativity and opportunity to work in completely new and unexplored places that comes with it.

Tell us about something that’s inspiring you right now?

Well, with the current global situation, I’ve been awestruck by the proactiveness and out of the box thinking our industry has demonstrated with projects like Voxi and EA Next Level which were both produced virtually during lockdown. Obviously drawing no parity to the more serious efforts of our NHS etc (shout out to my Mum) – but the sense of community and problem solving, has been inspiring to see and very wholesome.  Aside from that – lot’s of work I do is in the videogame industry, and being a huge video game player myself (read: nerd) – there’s been some incredible work produced around that industry and of course, the games themselves.

Something I thought was an incredible inspiration to many worldwide was the UN’s Call Out for Creative responses to Covid-19. The Drum posted a great roundup article (here) that showcases some of their favourites from across the globe.

I’m a big fan of Riot Games – we’ve been fortunate enough to work with them for a few years on some amazing projects, including our own Carl Addy, directing their 10 year anniversary documentary. They have launched a new title this year called Valorant, and I’m currently sinking my quarantine hours into that.  Everything from the art-style to the character design is beautiful, not to mention the game is a LOT of fun.

What’s the best project you’ve seen recently?

I’ve seen so many awesome things come out in the last few weeks – I’ll give you a few:

‘Last of Us’ Part 2 | This full CG ad with the acoustic cover of New Order. Chilling.

EA Sports ‘Next Level‘ |The adrenaline-pumped new EA spot from Mill director Carl Addy.

3  ‘Real 5G’  | Ian Pons Jewell’s new commercial for 3 Mobile… I mean it’s incredible.


You can get in touch with Josh Moore and our New Business team here.