60 Seconds with Junior Colourist Maruf Khan

Are you interested in getting into the world of colour? We sat down with Mill Junior Colourist Maruf Khan out of our London Studio to discuss how he got into the industry and how he has found his journey so far.
Thought May 16, 2022

What inspired you to go into the world of colour?

TV and Film has always been something I wanted to get into. My degree in Editing & Post Production at Ravensbourne where I met some fantastic people, really solidified my passion in the role. The course was all encompassing but nothing really grabbed my attention the same way Colour did. I would work on our little student films as a colourist and I really enjoyed the process of manipulating images to convey certain ideas, feelings, moods, vibes etc. It’s very creative and suits my character.

How are you finding your industry journey so far?

I certainly didn’t roll out of Uni with a job waiting for me but I always had that singular goal in mind to become a Colourist. I finally got my ‘foot in the door’ moment when I became a runner and subsequently moved up through the many departments, those days I’ll cherish as they’ve been vitally important too where I am now. Since joining the department as a colour assistant I’ve been lucky enough to have worked under some incredibly talented artists which has been an eye opening experience.

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