60 Seconds with Mayank Shekhar Tiwari, Lead – Compositing at The Mill Bangalore

Community December 6, 2022

What inspired you to go into the world of compositing?

When I saw Harry Potter and Jurassic park, I used to wonder, who are these creatures so gigantic, and yet I have never seen them in real life, and can someone really fly on a broom? You would not believe that I started focusing on my studies when my mom told me she’ll buy a Nimbus 2000 for me if I got good grades in my school.

A few years later, I saw some making and behind-the-scenes. I loved how VFX added magic to these films. How a green/blue screen is shot and later we change the background, how we add creatures in any shot and make it look as if it really exists. All this inspired me to become a compositor.

Describe your career journey at The Mill and what are things that keep you motivated as a Compositor?

I joined The Mill – Bangalore as a mid-artist Compositing four years back. I was surprised to see the detail of the work done here. Usually, at some point, people feel they have stopped growing in their careers as there is nothing new left to learn. But at The Mill, it’s not the case. Here I explore something new almost every day as the work is so challenging, and I get to work with the best creatives. Over these years, I have grown from mid to senior, and now a lead artist. I see a lot of growth options here. Also, I love it when the spots in which I have worked are recognized globally. All these things keep me motivated at my work.

What projects have you been involved in that have been impactful to you and your career?

This one is really very difficult to answer as each and every spot I have worked has contributed to my career. Still, to name a few I would say the Amazon “An Unlikely Friendship”, PlayStation, Superbowl spots for Walmart (Famous cars, Famous visitors), and Pepsi Halftime. All these spots were challenging and were a great learning experience.

What’s currently inspiring you?

As a lead artist- compositing in Bangalore, I get to be a part of the creative discussions with our home sites while working on a spot. I get to interact with some of the best creative minds on the globe and understand the way they think, and their approach towards any job. This inspires me a lot.