60 Seconds with Mill Designer Dom Han on Crafting the Perfect GIF

Thought September 8, 2020

Your dancing alien (above) trended earlier this year and now has over 340mil views on giphy! What was the inspiration for this GIF?

Dancing Alien GIF was inspired by my favorite alien emoji. Originally, I was going to make it a series. The first thing that I made was an alien that dances with a good mood, and I plan to make an alien that feels more pleasant someday.


Talk us through the process of creating a GIF 

Making a GIF is like making a video. However, GIF has a feature that loops, so you can make even more interesting GIFs by using it. I like GIFs that have the beginning and end connected and repeating over and over again. That way, you can create fun content that repeats forever, even with just 10 frames.

Do you think there are specific themes that make the best GIFs? (Colour, humor, relatability etc.) 

Since GIF plays the role of emoji that expresses various moods and situations, I think it should be made with intuitive images that resonate and popular keywords. In addition, vivid color and simplicity are also important factors. Since GIF is a very short loop, it seems that many people want to use it if it is clear and interesting as soon as it is seen.


Are there any shared design elements in your GIF creations and overall style? 

My design motto is to create elements that both men and women can enjoy. I think the bright colors and intuitive themes are a design that anyone can enjoy.


What’s inspiring you right now?

These days, I’m addicted to simplicity. For example, when I look at Keith Haring’s work, I’m interested in the funny and intense meaning contained in simple illustrations and primary colors. I found it difficult to create more simple but meaningful works.


Are you working on any new GIF designs and can we get a first look?

I prepared a GIF for this story: Happy Birthday GIF! This is an exciting GIF like my artist name DOMCAKE.

You can check out more of Dom’s work on his Instagram page @dom_cake or his website domcake.net and head over to Dom’s giphy page to view more of his GIF designs! 

Dom Han, Designer at The Mill