60 Seconds with Mill Director Rogier Schalken | Profile

Thought February 18, 2020

How would you describe your style?

I like a creative mix between live-action (gritty) realism and CG fictional elements.

Because I started directing interactive films first, there was always an element of experimenting with the media at hand. Trying to do something unexpected or unconventional. This still fuels me to this day.


What are you most excited about in joining The Mill?

Aside from having already an amazing reputation in VFX & Animation, The Mill shares the same interest in new and different technologies and merging it with live-action. It’s more than epic visual effects, it’s also VR, AR etc. The Mill feels like the perfect playground to further explore and work on creative projects. On top of that, It is always great to find like minded people to work with.


Tell us about something that’s inspiring you right now?

I get inspired by films or artists that try to experiment in some shape or form. Artists who are not afraid to be different and give it go. Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry were my childhood heroes because they didn’t seem to give a shit. Both very different in style but very unconventional in how they express themselves. Nowadays people like GMUNK are very inspiring.

Music artists like Jai Paul and Clark (warp records) also inspire me for the same reason. Almost every Clark track has a plot twist that you didn’t see coming. Same goes for Jai Paul. His tracks might not be ‘conventionally’ mixed but it sounds bold and epic.


What’s the best project you’ve seen recently? 

From last year, I loved ‘Nothing beats a Londoner’ from Nike. (Megaforce). Almost every shot had something unexpected and kickass. They used a lot of different techniques in a playful way to get across a positive message.


Click here to view Rogier’s reel.