60 Seconds with Mill Executive Creative Director Chappers on crafting Grenfell Athletic’s latest kit launch film

Community August 30, 2021

What was the creative inspiration for this project?  

The creative heart of the project was to show how Grenfell Athletic is not just a football club but how it’s woven into the fabric of the community – embracing and helping to protect it.

How important is it that we continue to highlight the tragic events of four years ago? 

I think it’s important to show how the community has come together to help support each other and use platforms like this to remember and honour the victims of the tragedy.

Did you encounter any creative challenges?

The main challenge was to realistically create all the different types of thread and fabric and integrate them seamlessly into each scene. There were a whole host of different techniques used from rolling real fabric downstairs to creating intricately weaved patterns fully in CGI.

It was great to see different companies come together to help create this film, making sure all the different work was seamlessly integrated, it was amazing to see the care and attention to detail everyone who was involved took. You don’t get to work on this type of thing every day and seeing the array of talent come together to make this a reality was pretty inspiring.

You can learn more about Grenfell Athletic via their Instagram page. You can also help support the team by purchasing their new kit here.

Chappers | Executive Creative Director