60 Seconds with VP of Global Talent & Business Partners Amy Mercer on The Focus careers hub

The Focus is a careers hub for all kinds of creative professionals in visual effects, advertising, creative experience and animation.
Community May 26, 2021

Amy, talk us through your role at The Focus.

It’s two-fold: I make sure the teams and operations within The Focus are delivering, and I also provide strategic direction on our vision and mission.

Why was The Focus created?

The Focus was originally focused (excuse the pun) on recruitment services, but very quickly we realised we wanted it to be so much more. We are creating a brand for talent by putting talent first. Our aim is to create a community that supports career development, opportunities, improving skills, capability, and knowledge, but also accessibility into the industry.

How does The Focus ensure representation and diversity is a key part of the hiring process?

Diversity is in the heart of everything we do at The Focus. In the short term, it’s about putting standardised processes and practices in place. Long-term we are working hard to improve accessibility through our Academies, creating an open dialogue around DEI, and by working with different partners.

What’s the most important piece of advice you could give to someone before a job interview?

Interviews can feel intimidating. For most people, it isn’t an everyday occurrence, so spending time on being prepared and practicing goes a long way. If you feel anxious, remember that everyone is human and representing yourself in genuine way is key.

You can check out current opportunities at The Mill on our Careers page on The Focus.

VP of Global Talent & Business Partners Amy Mercer