A peek into the metaverse | Aleissia Laidacker talks to Campaign Magazine

Thought August 18, 2021

As big tech scrambles to build the metaverse, five technology experts prophesy what our lives will look like inside a virtual world, whether privacy and governance will be established, and how brands will occupy the space.

Aleissia Laidacker, our Global Director of Creative Technology said to Campaign:

“The current perception of many is that the metaverse is rooted in a dystopian, virtual future synonymous with worlds such as Black Mirror and Neil Stephenson’s science-fiction novel Snow Crash (the origin of the term ‘metaverse’). Many fearing that the metaverse will be dictated by big-tech such as Facebook. To avoid this, many of us are looking towards developing a decentralised metaverse future, the ‘open metaverse’, that involves a diverse range of creators, developers, artists, educators and perspectives, so the metaverse platform and content of the future isn’t just dictated by the tech giants of silicon valley and brands with money to spend.”

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