A seat at the table with Hennessy VSOP

The cognac brand celebrates the idea that "More is Made by the Many" in its campaign for Hennessy VSOP
Work January 11, 2022

Collaborating with agency Droga5 and director collective Sportscar, the team created a film for Hennessy VSOP that reflects the idea that there is no one mindset, and creates a space where “all you’ve ever known meets all you haven’t yet.” In the spot, we see an extravagantly long and lively table, filled by guests of all backgrounds, conversing and celebrating their uniqueness in a single, seamless shot. Expanding perspectives and sharing beliefs, cultures, and ideas are what embody the essence of Hennessy VSOP and its drinkers.

“Shot at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA over the past summer, the technical challenge on this project was to capture many talents in one continuous camera move and making sure everyone was on cue across the take,” shares VFX Supervisor and Senior Lead Compositor Antoine Douadi. “Director collective ‘Sportscar’ and DP Logan Triplett did an amazing job choreographing all these moving parts together. The longform version is a stitch of 3 different takes where the hero appears multiple times. We composited these takes together and also extended the set where necessary.”

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