A slam dunk collaboration with the NBA and Google Pixel 6

There are so many ways to love the NBA and the Google Pixel 6 is built for all the fans.
Work February 1, 2022

In collaboration with agency Wieden+Kennedy, director Isaiah Seret, and production company Biscuit, we helped craft a striking and lively spot that showcases the plethora of new features on the Google Pixel 6. Starring Giannis Antetokounmpo and Magic Johnson, the spot unites eccentric NBA fanatics from all over who share a love for the game.

Art Director Fionna Mariani states that: “This montage of basketball clips combined with exploding Woj heads and ‘spam balls’ was a lot of fun to make. The clips were seamlessly mixed into an energetic edit that captures the spirit of the ultimate basketball fan user on the new Google Pixel 6.”

“For me it was really exciting to work with Director Isaiah Seret and DP Roman Vasyanov which made adding the final touches to this spot really fun. We worked on a wide range of seamless effects, from tattoos to crowd extensions,” adds VFX Supervisor Siro Valente.

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