AdAge Editor’s Pick | Ford’s First Bronco Sport Campaign stars a Colt Raised by Goats

Press January 15, 2021

To showcase the rugged Ford Bronco Sport to the public for the first time, the Detroit-area auto manufacturer has enlisted Wieden+Kennedy New York to create a debut ad campaign that emphasizes the 4×4 SUV’s ruggedness and distinguishes it from the other models in the Ford Bronco family.

In “Raised by Goats,” the first of three new TV spots that form the backbone of the new campaign, a herd of the titular animal guides an uncertain colt over harsh terrain, only for it to gain its footing and transform in a dark cave into the 2021 Bronco Sport. After the horse-to-vehicle evolution, about two-thirds of the way through, the remainder of the ad focuses on the vehicle’s ruggedness, exemplifying its tagline: “Built Wild.”

“We thought, what’s our ‘Super Bowl spot’ that’s breakthrough and going to get this vehicle noticed in a big way,” Stuart Jennings, creative director at Wieden+Kennedy New York, said of the ad’s creation during a media showcase this week. (His comment was just a figure of speech, though; a Ford representative has confirmed the automaker will not be airing a commercial during Super Bowl LV next month.)

The goats’ placement in the commercial is a nod to the Bronco’s seven available “G.O.A.T. modes”—shorthand for “Goes Over Any Type of Terrain”—which was also Ford’s original codename for the in-development 1966 Bronco.


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