Adding a touch of red to Starbucks’ latest holiday campaign

Work November 11, 2021
The holidays are not complete without your favorite Starbucks drink! Continuing our collaboration with Starbucks and Big Spaceship, we joined forces to create four festive films inspired by the joy and warmth of the holidays. With all new red holiday cups, winter will surely be extra cozy this year.
Each film explores a different winter setting: from a sunny poolside holiday party, to a snowy walk through the city, we see how Starbucks holiday drinks can enhance any festive setting, no matter how you choose to celebrate.

Speaking with the 2D Lead on the project, Andre Vidal, he shares how the team approached creating a magical winter wonderland for the spots: “It was amazing to collaborate with Big Spaceship and director Bianca Poletti. The idea for this project was to bring more of the magical feeling from holidays, but at the same time keeping the real world. With this information in mind, we decided to explore adding glints and flares through the moments that we had the opportunity to, being a complementary magical element without taking the attention from the product which we treated as well. We went with an FX approach, giving us more flexibility on how to control and manipulate the amount, speed, gravity and depth of field for the snow.”

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