Adding colour magic to Mercedes-Benz x Cinderella’s latest campaign

Work September 3, 2021

We teamed up with Director Anthony Prince Leslie of Equator Productions to introduce the Fabulous Godmother’s new chariot in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz USA ahead of Amazon Prime’s upcoming movie Cinderella.

In the spot, Billy Porter, who plays The Fab G, the film’s twist on the classic Fairy Godmother character, gets a tour of the new Mercedes-Benz Maybach. Porter also creates a custom wrap for the new ride, featuring orange glitter to match his style in the film.

Mill Colorist Josh Bohoskey added his magic touch, enhancing the rich and elegant tones synonymous with Mercedes-Benz. Josh comments, “This was a very fun spot Directed by Anthony Prince and shot by Franklin Ricart. I bet Billy Porter took home that Mercedes and Cinderella had to find her own ride home. Pleasure as always working with the team.”

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