ADNIGHT Spotlight | Head of our Amsterdam Studio Lauren Loftus discusses relocating from LA to Amsterdam & her favourite Mill projects

On Friday 14th October our Amsterdam Studio will hosting HEIST NIGHT, an immersive adventure for ADNIGHT. Ahead of the event, we go inside the Amsterdam studio and talk to our creative leaders, artists and technologists. First up we have Head of Studio Lauren Loftus, check it out below.
Community September 30, 2022

Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you get into the industry?

I’m a native Los Angeleno who decided to pack up everything and move to Europe with my pup Roh, for a year abroad. Things didn’t exactly go as planned… We’ve been happily here for close to 6 years now and our family has grown to include my daughter Matilda, husband and 2 step kids.

I first dipped my toe in the industry at 18 when a friend of mine offered me a runner position at HSI Productions. Working under some of the best directors at the time, I was immediately mesmerised and sold on what my career path would be. 25 years later and having worked in all aspects of film and advertising, I have found a wonderful group of great friends I am lucky enough to call colleagues.


What are some of your favourite projects that you’ve worked on?

Although I don’t work directly on projects anymore, these are ones I have enjoyed the most in the last few years.

Are you currently working on any personal projects?

Trying to get my toddler to sleep the whole night… Is that a personal project?


What is your favourite part about working in Amsterdam?

This is a small community of people who love what they do while trying to balance home life. This is considered much more than anywhere else I have ever worked.

You can meet our Amsterdam team at ADNIGHT 2022 on October 14th, for more details click here. You can also get in touch about your upcoming projects via our contact page and follow Lauren on Instagram @lauren_loftus.