Adweek | Airheads Brings Laughter with it’s newest campaign ‘Hippo & Reflexes’

We collaborated with Highdive and dummy Director Harold Einstein to provide VFX on a pair of spots for AirHead's newest campaign, 'Hippo & Reflexes'.
Work April 27, 2022

The first ad, ‘Hippo’ blends CG elements with live-action plates and features a cowboy engaging with a couple of western locals whilst riding a CG hippo.

In another spot named ‘Reflexes’, a routine trip to the doctor turns into the doc playing the kid patient like a drum set with his reflex hammer.

”At the core of Airheads Candy has always been a playful spirit. And we wanted a campaign that reminds people of that. It’s about the true spirit of play. Imaginative, carefree, just for the fun of it play.” – Craig Cuchra, VP of Marketing at Perfetti Van Melle

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