Adweek | Starling ‘Set Yourself Free’ by Wonderhood & The Mill

Work October 4, 2021

In recent years, a wave of digital challenger banks has disrupted the U.K.’s banking sector, but many of those brands are still struggling to gain consumer trust.

Now, as the Covid-19 pandemic accelerates the take-up of digital banking services, challenger Starling Bank has set out to convince more customers that it can go up against the big players.

Starling Bank’s latest campaign, created by Wonderhood Studios, Sam Pilling and The Mill addresses the issue that many people are slow or hesitant to change banks. A common saying goes that people’s relationship with their bank lasts longer than the typical marriage.

The ad introduces the brand’s new platform, “Here to Change,” which promotes the idea that change can be an improvement and encourages people to break away from their old banks.

It begins with a woman in a long line at a bank branch, where she and the other customers are growing impatient. She gazes up and spots a few flying starlings through a glass dome, which inspires her to escape. The film then takes a magical turn, as she floats through the air and takes flight, finally breaking through the glass into the sky.

The woman uses the Starling app on her phone as she flies, teeing up the line: “Set yourself free from your old bank.” The soundtrack is Cream’s classic song, “I Feel Free.”


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