Adweek | How Albert Einstein Will Help Promote Energy Saving in Britain

The father of modern physics is featured in bathtub while using his phone to post selfies
Press May 7, 2021

What would Albert Einstein say about today’s hand-held tech revolution? Or the efforts to control its energy consumption?

Smart Energy GB has set out to answer that in a smart new ad campaign that shows the father of modern physics sitting up in his bathtub, delighted with the ease of digital technology. In a CGI recreation, he’s seen using a mobile phone to post to social media before sharing his views on the use of digital smart meters to save energy and the environment. The campaign is part of the “Join the Energy Revolution.”

Einstein was the perfect choice for the campaign as he was “a great ambassador” for modern technology, said Chris Taggart, director of marketing at Smart Energy GB, in a statement.

“We hope the public really enjoy seeing his wit and humor touchingly brought back for this campaign,” added Taggart. “He reminds us that while we have started to embrace smart technology in many areas of our lives, our energy system has fallen behind. He reminds the British public that smart meters will help to modernize our national energy system and encourages them to get one installed and get Britain energy fit for the future.”

Created in collaboration by agencies AMV BBDO and Gravity Road with production from The Mill, and media run through PHD, the U.K. campaign began with a soft launch on TV and YouTube in mid-April before rolling out fully across TB, YouTube, print, radio and social media beginning April 28.

The campaign was initiated in the first spot last August, which aimed to tie into the digital transformation being experienced across the U.K. due to the pandemic.

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