The Mill helps to heat up Super Bowl LV with Amazon ‘Alexa’s Body’ starring Michael B. Jordan

Work February 8, 2021

We teamed up once again with Lucky Generals and Director Wayne McClammy of Hungry Man for the Amazon Super Bowl LV commercial ‘Alexa’s Body.’ Alexa’s new body looks good. Maybe a little too good, thanks to Michael B Jordan.  

In addition to taking care of the logo placement, matte painted environments and clean-up, Creative Director, Chris ‘Badger’ Knight comments, “The bigger challenge was the right balance of Michael’s eyes, which reflect Alexa’s iconic light ring when he speaks. The key was blending the ring light into his eyes and dialing it to a level that wasn’t robotic, sinister or overpowering. Just the right level to help sell the MBJ/Alexa combination!” 

The comedic piece was further enhanced with a rich grade by The Mill Los Angeles’ Head of Colour, Paul Yacono. “Wayne McClammy and Director of Photography, Christian Sprenger, wanted the office scene and the fantasy worlds to feel different. Christian used spherical lenses for the office scene and anamorphic for the fantasy, so immediately there were two distinct qualities. To enhance that, we made the office scene slightly cooler and more generic, and then when we switched to the fantasy scenes, we used more intimate and cinematic tones.” 


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