Apex Legends ‘Boosted Launch Trailer’ | Team Interview

Work August 6, 2020

We joined forces once again with Respawn Entertainment on the launch of the new Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted Launch Trailer, the latest installment of their record-breaking battle-royale shooter game Apex Legends. The Mill Directors, David Lawson and Lisha Tan crafted an action-packed film to promote the new season. The time-bending installment introduces a bold, mini-gun wielding Legend named Rampart.  Working once again with motion capture technology, but this time in lockdown due to the Global Pandemic, the team was able to remotely obtain choreographed movements that translated seamlessly into the world of Apex Legends.  


Director Lisha Tan comments “We hosted a remote facial capture session over Zoom, the whole process was totally new for all of us! The actors had to apply mocap markers and calibrate the headsets with support from tech teams, before we directed over video call. The entire team took on the challenge with enthusiasm and we got some amazing footage out of these virtual sessions.”  

The film explores Ramparts many abilities through the journey of a projectile straight from the barrel of her lovingly named weapon, Shelia. Director David Lawson comments “The Mill’s Design team used C4D to expertly craft the intricate details of the gearturning, barrel universe. This sequence was important to keep the momentum going until Ramparts final reveal where she is surrounded by her fellow Legends.”  


Check out the full list of credits here. See more of David and Lisha’s work on their individual Creator Pages here.