Apex Legends ‘Fortune’s Favor Launch Trailer’ | Team Interview

Work May 5, 2020

Skull Town will never be the same – but the game goes on! We joined forces once again with Respawn Entertainment on the launch of the new ‘Fortune’s Favor Launch Trailer’, the next installment of their record-breaking battle-royale shooter game Apex Legends. Following the dark events of Apex’s ‘Assimilation Launch Trailer’, we are reintroduced to a familiar face, Loba, a victim of the merciless Revenant, who is out for revenge. The Mill Directors, Lisha Tan and David Lawson, crafted an action-packed film to promote the expansion pack.


This project was an evolution of the first ‘Reveal Trailer’, Opening Cinematic, ‘Battle Charge Trailer’, ‘Meltdown Launch Trailer’ and ‘Assimilation Launch Trailer’. As the team continues the story of the Legends, they are finding creative ways to call back to past trailers, engaging fans of the popular game. David and Lisha comment: “One of the greatest aspects of continuing this narrative is seeing the respect and enjoyment that the incredible fans have for Apex Legends. It’s so fun to hide easter eggs in these films and to see them try to decipher what’s next or what is a call back to a previous story.”

As the universe within the game expands, it was vital for the team to explore deeper relationships between characters and the repercussions of past actions in the overarching storyline of Apex Legends.


Wes, Executive Creative Director, comments “These are amazing campaigns and the type of work our artists love to be involved with. There is a real desire to tell the next chapter of the Apex story and continue to develop in its own unique visual style.”


Colourist, Matt Osborne, adds “For me, this grade was all about enhancing the red and blue tones to give it that wow factor. This worked especially well with Loba’s character and amplifying the explosions that ignite the last half of the film.”


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