Bangalore Spotlight | Artist Rajesh on The Mill’s Latest VES Win

Manideep Sanisetty and Rajesh Kaushik, Compositing Leads at The Mill have recently been crowned VES winners. We sat down with Rajesh Kaushik to discuss The Mill’s latest VES win for their work on Verizon, The Reset.
News March 10, 2022

What does this win mean for the team involved in this project?

It’s a huge honour to see your work receiving a VES Award. It means everyone’s hard work and dedication is getting recognised, and I only wish we could add the name of the whole team to it, because they all deserve it. This win is an inspiration and encouragement for all my fellow team members to keep pushing the boundaries and create better work.

How would you describe the experience of hearing your win, live at the VES?
It felt absolutely surreal. I wasn’t convinced I’d heard the announcement correctly at first. To be able to walk onto the stage in front of hundreds of people, and walking to receive the award; it’s been a long journey to this victory, both figuratively and literally.
What would be your advice to any future aspiring artists out there?
My advice would be to keep doing your best, push your boundaries and keep learning. It can seem like there are a lot of hurdles at first, but with hard work and perseverance, the rewards do start to pay off. Just keep doing your best. If you can dream it, you can do it.
Can you tell us about some of the technologies and processes that went into this award-winning campaign?
There was an enormous amount of CGI and 2D composting involved. We took inspiration and references from game glitches to add little details into each shot to make the alternate universe of lag believable and photoreal. The details that went into this campaign were huge, many of them aren’t even noticeable when watching the commercial, but to artists, it’s a nice little homage to the work we put in.

Other than this piece, what other work have you previously been involved in at The Mill?

One of the best things about my position is that I’ve worked on a whole roster of commercials, especially whilst working at The Mill. Most recently I’ve worked on Doja Cat x The Weekend’s, music video, ‘You Right’ and Timberland, ‘Born in the Woods’. These projects couldn’t have been further apart, like all campaigns, we had to accumulate fresh approaches and techniques to bringing the visuals to life. As well as working on commercials, for the last 10 months, I’ve been leading compositing work from Bangalore on the Episodic show ‘Severance’ by Ben Stiller, which has been an incredible opportunity. One of the great things about working for Technicolor Creative Studios is that you can explore so many different avenues and work in Advertising, Episodic and Film.
How did you celebrate the news of your recent win?
After we went off stage after receiving the award it was only natural that we instantly popped a bottle of champagne. We celebrated the victory with all the other VES attendees from other Mill locations; it was a win for all of us. I’m still waiting to see all of my friends and family back in India, this will be a cause for even more celebrations; we can share the joy together when I return. I know they’re all excited to see me.

This is now the fifth VES Award to be won by the Bangalore studio. As one of the biggest award-winning studios under Technicolor, this is a huge congratulations to Rajesh Kaushik and Manideep Sanisetty and all of the previous award-winning teams at the Bangalore studio for crafting these incredible projects.

Check out the previous VES winning work from Bangalore below:

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Samsung ‘Do What You Can’t’ | Outstanding Compositing in a Photoreal Commercial (2018)

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