Bangalore Spotlight: What’s It Like to Receive a VES Award Nomination?

Our 2022 VES Nominees, Rajesh Kaushik & Manideep Sanisetty share insights on what the nomination means for their VFX careers in Bangalore.
Community January 20, 2022

Manideep Sanisetty, Senior Compositing Artist, The Mill, Bangalore & Rajesh Kaushik, Comp Lead, The Mill, Bangalore

The VFX world is abuzz this week over the 20th edition of the VES Award nominations, with The Mill/MPC/Mikros MPC talent nominated for work on Verizon ‘The Reset’, France Telévision ‘Sumo’, ‘ING; Do Your Thing’, Smart Energy ‘Einstein Knows Best’, Hôtel de la Marine and LEGO ‘Rebuild the World’ campaigns.

As this year’s nominees take their turn in the spotlight, we asked CG & Comp Leads on Verizon’s ‘The Reset‘, Rajesh and Manideep for their insights on what the prestigious nomination means for them.

How does it feel to be nominated for a VES award?

Rajesh: It is an honour to be nominated for a VES Award. To me, it means recognition of hard work and dedication: proof that I was able to take an opportunity and give it my all to make the most of it. This is a professional and personal milestone for me, and I hope that the nomination will inspire and encourage fellow members of my team. I’ll be celebrating this with my loved ones and would love to share the joy with my team if pandemic restrictions allow.

Manideep: Firstly, I feel extremely privileged to be nominated for VES Awards. It’s practical proof of all the hard work that has gone through, and irrespective of the result, the nomination is a sign of encouragement to not just me as an individual but also for the whole team. I’m hoping that this event will be a turning point in my career.

How did you come to work within the industry? Why VFX?

Rajesh: To be honest – I wasn’t very passionate when I started my journey. In time, it grew on me, and I always kept seeking more creative and challenging work. I’ve been working in the industry for more than 11 years, and qualitative growth is something I prioritize even to this day. It’s important to keep learning and moving forward as a professional in our field.

Manideep: I used to borrow various comic books like Amar Chitra Katha, Chanda Mama Stories, and I started imagining characters and created a fantasy world around them. This fantasy grew further by watching movies like Mayabazar, Jagadeka veerudu Athiloka sundhari, Aditya 365. As an adult, it appealed to me to do something that I am not just fascinated with but also passionate about, which led to pursuing a career in VFX.

Any advice to those working towards this achievement?

: Work hard and play hard for sure, but it’s important that you also have a meaningful life outside of work.

Manideep: Never be afraid to take the road less traveled.

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